Easy Online Reservations for Dog Baths, Boarding, and More

Easy Online Reservations for Dog Baths, Boarding, and More

by | Mar 22, 2022 | Dog Baths, Boarding, Grooming

When it is time to book an appointment for a dog bath or boarding, many people start searching for a local business with a search such as dog baths near me. From there, they often call the pet business to book an appointment. However, it may be just as easy to book your next dog bath online, it just a few clicks. Introducing Gingr: an online reservations system to support the pet parents at Critter Boarding to reserve boarding space and make appointments for dog baths and other services.

24/7 Online

Critter Boarding Reservations

Online Appointments for services such as dog baths and boarding can be made on our very own website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; just click on the purple, bouncing Reservations button on the upper right corner of the screen. However, before you make that dog bath appointment you will need to set up an owner and pet profile or access your account.

On the next page, you will have the choice of new or existing customers. If you have not booked online before, you may be a new customer. In this case, click on “new customer” and complete the owner and pet profiles. However, the staff may have added you during a recent visit. If so, your account may be under your cell phone number or email address; click on the forgotten password option and follow the prompts.

What is Gingr?

Critter Boarding now uses a software tool called Gingr, a reservation tool that is specifically designed for businesses that specialize in services such as dog baths, boarding, grooming, and related services. Gingr is an industry leader, and they have helped to book more than 32 million reservations for dog baths and other pet care industry services with the use of a cloud-based resource.

Online Reservations fo Dog Baths and Boarding

The new online reservations system allows pet owners to book services any time of day, see an estimate for the service, and also receive confirmations via email and text. Dog owners can now book an appointment for a dog bath or reserve a spot for dog daycare using the tool, upload vaccine records, and even make a payment right online. You can book a few days in advance or even months ahead, review past services, and schedule multiple visits right from the comfort of your own home at any time.

How it works

Once you have set up a profile, booking services is as easy as booking a hotel room and takes just minutes. From the dashboard, select “Request Services”, then select either “Daycare and Boarding” or “Grooming and Bath Appointments” and follow the prompts as appropriate. For example, if you want to schedule a dog bath, choose “grooming and bath services” then on the next screen under type select “Grooming – No Haircut – Bath Only”, then under service select “Grooming – No Haircut – Full Service Bath Only”. Once the service is selected, then choose the day and time, and any additional services such as a shed control package, and then submit.

Once a reservation is received, we will review your request and respond confirm within 24 hours, and just like that, your dog bath is on the books. Confirmations will be sent via text and or email; you can also see confirmations on your dashboard inside the pet portal, so make sure to keep your username (email or cell phone) and password to access your account later.

There are many benefits of using Ginger for both our team as well as for our pet parents. Owners can easily add, change, and update important info, such as contact info and photos themselves ensuring accurate info. Owners can also book reservations anytime on their own, and check availability and even get an estimate of the service requested. Ongoing, Gingr will help owners with a record of services, access to invoices, and even reminders when it is time to update vaccines.

What If I Need Help?

Gingr is designed to make the booking process easy for all. However, we do realize that some may need help or have some questions along the way. We are always happy to help our customers at any point in the process, so if you ever get stuck call us and we are all to happy to help.

In the months ahead, we will be adding other enhancements to Gingr, including a customer rewards and loyalty program, as well as an app to make reservations even easier. In the meantime, reach out to Critter Boarding by email or phone if we can lend support to your next reservation.


Online Reservations

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