How to Choose the Best Dog Bath Shampoo

How to Choose the Best Dog Bath Shampoo

by | Mar 27, 2022 | Dog Baths, Grooming

When scheduling a dog bath, there is often a choice of shampoos that may be available to best suit the needs of your K9. These shampoos are generally available as an add-on upgrade or even part of a package. Nonetheless, many customers may not know of the different types of shampoo, as well as when to use them. The next time your dog is due for a bath, consider the tips below to help you choose a shampoo.

Different Shampoos for Different Dogs

Dog owners should always know that dog shampoo products are specifically designed for a dog’s Ph balance. However, somewhat like products we may choose to use ourselves, there is a variety of products that may help to address various skin and or coat issues your dog may experience. Specialty dog bath shampoos, such as Shed Control, Aloe/Oatmeal, and Whitening are common choices for groomers (us at Critter Boarding as well) to help to address a wide variety of challenges for dogs and their owners.

How often should a dog have a bath

Shed Control Shampoo

Shed control shampoo is just as the name implies, a product that will help to reduce shedding. These shampoos are rich in omega 3 and or omega 6 fatty acids, which is known to reduce shedding in dogs. This shampoo is best used with a shed control conditioner, which too provides the same protection against shedding. Shed control is great for Huskys, Chows, Sheppards, and really any dog that is shedding excessively. While the shampoo and conditioner are great, dogs will need to be brushed out thoroughly to remove the loose hair after the bath. These add-ons are often part of cost-saving packages, such as a Shed Control Package added to the dog bath service.

Aloe/Oatmeal Shampoo

Again as the name suggests, this shampoo has both oatmeal and aloe vera to help dogs to relieve itchy skin and moisturize dry areas. If you have chickenpox as a kid, your mom may have given you an oatmeal bath. This is because oatmeal has anti-inflammatory properties, making it a great treatment for itchy skin. This is a bath shampoo if you notice your dog excessively scratching or has red skin. It is important to note that aloe/oatmeal shampoos can help relieve itchy skin from flea bites, it will not treat the flea infestation. Make sure to speak with your groomer to address flea infestations if that is the cause of the irritation.

Aloe vera will help to moisturize and provide nutrients to dry and damaged areas. High-quality aloe oatmeal shampoos (the ones used by professional groomers) are rich in many nutrients that will help to penetrate and moisturize your dog’s skin. These shampoos will also help to lock in moisture and help your dog to have better-hydrated skin.

Whitening Shampoo

With no surprise, the whitening shampoo helps to brighten a dog’s fur by removing stains. White hair is more prose than fur that has pigment and is thus more prone to stains from the environment. Whitening products contain enzymes that are designed to break down protein deposits that are left by stains on a dog’s fur. Whitening shampoos are great for dogs with white coats to help enhance and bring out a natural shine and luster for up to four weeks after a dog bath and sometimes longer depending on exposure.

These three solutions are great for a wide variety of applications, but there may be others that are better suited to your dog’s uniqueness. However, consider the above choices if you note specific challenges that can be addressed. While these products may be an additional fee, consider the benefits to your dog’s coat and skin. If you have questions about the best shampoo for your dog’s next bath, check with your groomer or one of our staff to help you make the best choice for your dog.


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