Grooming and Haircuts

Clip, Cut, and Style…

If your pet needs to be clipped, cut, and styled, Critter Boarding offers full-service grooming services. From quick trims to show-ready, our groomer will help your dog or cat look their best and be the pride of their four-legged friends.

Prices for a full-service groom with a haircut starts at $45, based on the size and breed, as well as the service requested. When booking online, make sure to select “Full-Service Groom with Haircut.” If boarding, please add service or let us know at check-in. We will complete the grooming just before pickup.

Additional Spa Services and Addons

We also offer many services individually that can be added to any full-service groom. Standard nails trim and Dremel nail trim can be done without a bath and reserved as an individual service on our website.

  • Brush Teeth – $5
  • Medicated/Aloe Shampoo – $5
  • Medicated Ear Treatment – $5
  • Anal Glad Clean – $5
  • Dremel Nail Trim Upgrade – $5
  • Flea/Tick Treatment – $5-$20

Grooming Specifics and Requirements

Additional fees may apply for difficult or aggressive pets, excessive matting, and very poor hygiene

We will not put a pet through any pain or discomfort to maintin a long coat

Flea and/or tick infestations will be treated at owners expense

All pets should be current on vaccinations

Any pet left after 5PM may be subject to a late pick up fee


Book Now

Book your full groom with a haircut online. Click the link below, set up your profile, and choose your service and dates all online. We will confirm all reservations within 24-48 hours.

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