Dog Daycare: 4 Powerful Benefits for Your Dog

Dog Daycare: 4 Powerful Benefits for Your Dog

by | Mar 1, 2022 | Dog Daycare

Dog daycare is something owners consider as they often have a busy schedule with little time to keep their dogs entertained all day. As most people have an 8-hour workday, with errands and other things mixed in. At the end of their day, dog owners come home to unwind and find their dog seems to have an endless amount of energy at best, or worse they have been tearing up the house in your absence. The solution: Dog daycare to help your dog with the zoomies and social engagement one or more times a week. Here are four of the top benefits that both humans and dogs get from dog daycare:

1. Physical Exercise

Many dog owners report a high-level activity; their dog has endless energy and never seems to calm down, especially after a long workday. The reality is that your dog was likely limited in physical activity for much of the day and may have even slept through much of it. Dogs who do not receive enough exercise are more likely to have physical health problems, obesity, poor digestion, and challenges with mobility.

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According to the American Kennel Club, dogs need 30 min to as much as 2 hours of exercise daily to maintain physical and mental health. The number varies based on your dog’s breed, but certainly, more engagement is best to help every challenge that comes from a lack of exercise. Daycare will not only provide the environment but also the motivation for every the laziest of dogs to engage in play activities that promote good physical health. A dog who receives regular exercise will not only be healthier, but also happier with more appropriate behaviors in and around your home.

2. Safe Socialization

Dogs are social animals, who need to socialize with other dogs. Problem behaviors around other dogs or people are often the result of a lack of socialization for dogs; something that is easily solved when dogs engage with other dogs in play.

Daycare dogs experience socialization in a controlled environment. Dogs may engage in both large and small group play, which may be made up of dogs who are not only similar in size but may be matched in terms of temperament and energy level.

3. Separation Anxiety

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When dogs are left alone for several hours at a time, they become anxious. It is common for dogs to be destructive, chewing up shoes, furniture, and household items. They may also bark or howl loudly, which often causes much distress to animals and humans around; no one likes to listen to a barking dog. We humans must, unfortunately, go to work, school, and run errands leaving out fur kids at home where they stew in their loneliness.

At daycare, dogs are never alone with plenty of fur friends and happy staff to provide engagement. While many aspects of doggie daycare may be the same each time, there are always some changes every day, different dogs, staff, etc. Over time, your dog will be more comfortable with a change in the routine, and as a byproduct of the process, he/she will be less anxious when they are away from home.

4. Implementing Routines

Creating a routine, especially one that includes activity and exercise will help your dog to thrive. A consistent schedule will help to make sure your best friend gets social interaction and regular activity. Routines will also help your dog to be more confident and comfortable with others by knowing what to expect and who he or she will be around.

Doggie Daycare is great for you and your best friend, and many benefits will be seen in your pet from the increase in activity and a new routine. For more info, check out our Daycare page and plan a play day for your best friend.


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