Dog Baths and Pet SPA Services

Dog Bath, Nail Trim, and More

Dog baths are just one part of the pet spa services available at Critter Boarding. In addition to the Bath, Nails, and Ears service for dogs and cats, we offer many add-on services to help your pet look, feel, and smell their best.

Dog Bath, Nails, and Ears start at $30. The price for your dog may vary based on the length of the coat, breed, and temperament. Cat baths start at $45; the price varies based on service, coat length, and temperament. See the category chart below for additional details, examples, and additional spa services.

Service includes a standard dog bath (or cat bath), nail trim, and regular ear clean. Upgrade to Dremel nails, or medicated ear clean for an additional $5 each.

When booking online, choose Bath Services without Haircut. If you need a haircut, make sure to book grooming with a haircut.

critter boarding gallary 14

Category 1 – $30

Short hair breeds, with coats that are 1” or less

critter boarding gallary 13Example breeds include: Pit Bulls, Boxers, Short Hair Chihuahua, Rat Terriers, Dobermans
critter boarding gallary 12

Category 2 – $35

Fuzzy coat breeds, with coats that are 1-2″ in length

critter boarding gallary 11Example breeds include: Papillion, Retrievers, Long Hair Chihuahua
critter boarding gallary 10

Category 3 – $40

Long hair breeds with coats that are 2-3″ in length

critter boarding gallary 9Example breeds include: German Sheppard, Aussies, Boarder Collies, Maltese
critter boarding gallary 7

Category 4 – $45

Long and dense coats, 3+”

critter boarding gallary 8Example breeds include: Double coated German Shepard, Husky
critter boarding gallary 6

Category 5 – $65

Long and dense coats, 3+”

critter boarding gallary 5Example breeds include: Great Pyrenees, Newfoundland, Samoyed
critter boarding gallary 4

Cats – $45

Price varies based coats and temperment

critter boarding gallary 3All cat baths include nails and ears, regardless of declaw or not.

Packages are added to the price of your service:

  • Shed Control – $10
    • Shed control shampoo, conditioner, 3x brush and blow, and teeth brushing ($20 value)
  • Medicated – $10
    • Medicated shampoo, moisturizing conditioner, teeth brushing ($15 value)
  • Aloe/Oatmeal – $10
    • Aloe/oatmeal shampoo, moisturizing conditioner, teeth brushing ($15 value)
  • Whitening – $10
    • Coat whitening shampoo, moisturizing conditioner, teeth brushing ($15 value)

Additional Spa Services and Dog Bath Addons

We also offer many services individually that can be added to any dog bath service. Standard nail trim and Dremel nail trim can be done without a bath and reserved as an individual service on our website.

  • Brush Teeth – $5
  • Extra Brush-out – $5
  • Medicated/Aloe Shampoo – $5
  • Medicated Ear Treatment – $5
  • Anal Gland Clean – $5
  • Standard Nail Trim – $15
  • Dremel Nail Trim – $20
  • Dremel Nail Trim Upgrade – $5
  • Flea/Tick Treatment – $5-$20

Additional services can also be added as packages. Click on the SPA Packs tab on the chart above to see packages. The cost of packages and addons are in addition to the cost of the Bath, Nails, and Ears service. 

Grooming Specifics and Requirements

Category chart above is intended for estimate; actual price will be set at time of service

Additional fees may apply for difficult or aggressive pets, excessive matting, and very poor hygiene

We will not put a pet through any pain or discomfort to maintin a long coat

Flea and/or tick infestations will be treated at owners expense

All pets should be current on vaccinations

Any pet left after 5PM may be subject to a late pick up fee


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Booking appointments for dog baths are quick and easy online. Click the link below, set up your profile, and choose your service and dates all online. We will all reservations confirm within 24-48 hours.

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